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Generic Levitra- the ultimate cure to gain back your sexual stamina

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder which can make you feel incapable and incurable. For days and months it makes you feel embarrassed and incapable of making your partner happy. The feeling is extremely distressing and depressing for the person experiencing it. The disorder cannot be completely eliminated from its roots altogether but you can easily Buy Generic Levitra Online and cure yourself every time you decide to make love. It provides a temporary cure for 4 to 6 hours but with it your problems can come to an end. The availability of Generic Levitra Online has made it easier for people to get it for regular use and lead a healthy and happy sexual life with one’s partner.

The potent alternative - Levitra

Levitra is really the most potent alternative you can get for your treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is easy and painless. Just pop in a pill and you get the best cure at home. Levitra or vardenafil is a drug meant only to treat male sexual impotency caused by erectile dysfunction. It is a condition when the person is unable to achieve an erection on his own after sexual arousal. Sexual stimulation when occurs after taking a pill of Levitra helps the person to achieve a normal erection and maintain it for sexual intercourse. Buy generic Levitra Online on medical guidance and lead a normal sexual life even if your body does not let you have it naturally. Do not worry as Generic Levitra does not make use of any artificial means to cause an erection. It just medically prevents any hindrance in the way of a natural and successful erection following sexual arousal.

Product Details – Generic Levitra

Buy Generic Levitra Online and shape your life the way you want to even after 40. Usually after a certain age problems like erectile dysfunction start to appear. Have a control on such disorders easily with the help of Generic Levitra. The medicine contains an active substance called Vardenafil. This substance is the main active ingredient in all male impotency treatment medicines as it helps to inhibit the degrading action of PDE5 enzyme. When PDE5 tries to degrade the expanded tissues of the penile region, Vardenafil blocks PDE5 and rushes more blood to the penile region. Once they get locked inside the enlarged space of the tissues, the organ stiffens and erection occurs. Thus you should Buy Generic Levitra immediately if you are being troubled by erectile dysfunction for months.

Generic Levitra pills are meant to be taken orally only with a glass of water. The person should take the medicine an hour before sexual activity. However, a gap of at least 24 hours must be maintained between two doses. You cannot take two doses of the medicine in a single day as it will lead to overdosing which is poisonous and can have unhealthy and lifelong consequences.

Purchase your Generic Levitra Online only if you have been assured by a doctor that you are safe to use it. You need to disclose your entire past and present medical history, your medicines and your allergies to your doctor. These conditions decide whether you can use the medicine. They also decide at what dosage you should take the medicine. Let your doctor decide the right dosage for you and take the medicine as instructed only.

Things to take care regarding Levitra

Using a medicine needs extra care and caution. You need to follow a set of instructions given by your doctor and abide by them strictly so that your safety is ensured. A medicine may react differently in case of different people. Thus you must always take each and every medicine under medical guidance and contact a doctor in case of any confusion.

  • 1. Allergies play a major role in deciding whether you can use a drug or not. In case you are allergic to the medicine or its ingredient Vardenafil, you must not use Generic Levitra at all. Talk to your doctor about your allergies or the substances that cause you allergic reactions. Accordingly you may be asked to not use the drug or use it at a specific lower dose.
  • 2. Talk to your doctor about your medical history too positively without fail. The decision about whether the drug is meant for you or not depends entirely upon your medical condition. People with serious heart problems like irregular heartbeat or a history of a stroke or heart attack, heart failure or even chest pain cannot be given Levitra. Buy Generic Levitra Online only if you are not a kidney patient, or undergoing dialysis, or have a problem of dehydration or very high or low blood pressure.
  • 3. People with a deformed sex organ, angulation or Peyronie’s disease, history of a painful and prolonged erection are at risk from using Levitra. These conditions may increase the chances of priapism or prolonged erection for over 4 hours which is dangerous and can cause permanent damage to the sex organ.
  • 4. Diseases such as leukemia, multiple myeloma, sickle cell anemia, stomach ulcer, NAION, decreased vision do not permit the use of Levitra.
  • 5. In case of severe dizziness or rare change in the heartbeat or irregular heartbeat, a condition called QT prolongation, you should immediately seek medical help. Having heart problems or low amounts of magnesium and potassium in the blood increases the chance of such occurrences.
  • 6. Do not indulge in activities like operating machinery that requires your utmost attention because Levitra can make you feel dizzy or cause some slight changes in vision.
  • 7. Do not drink alcohol while you are on medication with Levitra.
  • 8. Older patients are mostly likely to incur side effects like QT prolongation from Levitra. Thus the drug is usually not given to them or given at a very low dosage.
  • 9. The drug is strictly meant for adult men and should not be consumed by women or children accidentally.
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