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Terms & Conditions

  1. is envisioned to give you complete contentment and hassle free online pharmacy solutions. If you are placing your order for Generic Viagra medicine, then you are expected to be above 18 years of age.

  1. In rigorous measures, it is important to note that while having medicines, one should excess use of alcohol, drugs or any kind of male enhancement pills. It is important that one should read complete literature. will not take any kind of responsibility for misuse of the drugs.

  1. On our online pharmacy stores, there are varied compositions of medicines available, for safe health solutions it is important to take the complete consultations and guidance from the doctors.

  1. We are envisioned with a thought of providing you with complete contentment and therefore we do offer you medicines which are manufactured from top pharmacy stores. In case of any kind of complains suggestions or queries we request to kindly intimidate through e-mail or address your queries by calling customer care.

  1. Our expert’s channel of supply chain does take care of all your orders and logistics. In case if you wish to track your orders, we request you to kindly keep the tracking Identification ready.

  1. has a complete right of announcing sale, offers or any other discounts. The tenure of the discounts will be only done by the management.

  1. In case if you wish to cancel the orders for the products, we request you to kindly inform us with 24 hours of prior notice. As a customer you are requested to kindly intimate us through e-mail or phone and support of valid reason.

  1. We strive harder to give you complete contented solutions, but the products will not be taken back if found in tampered conditions.

  1. The medicine should be strictly taken with oral consumption and should not be taken in form of injections or any other means.

  1. We do offer you and hassle free returns solutions. As a responsibility towards our prospective customers we only take back the medicine if there is any kind of manufacturing defect.

  1. Our trained team does use all the safe measures that allows and enhance the product to deliver the product in sound and safe condition.

  1. We believe in offering complete uniformity for each and every order. In case if the product is not reached to you, then without any kinds of hesitations you could request for reshipping them.

  1. We always wish for your good health and better prospect, in case of any cardiac history. We advise you to consult the doctors first and start the medicine of Generic Viagra. Our customer friendly associates do provide you with right kind of effectual guidance and solutions.

  1. Our expert’s shipment team does covers varied shipment areas and town for free of costs, but incase of any remote areas the shipment costs will be borne by you.

  1. For hassle free purchases and placements of the orders, we request all our customers to kindly make the payments through credit or debit cards.

                                 16. 60 Day's Money Back Guarantee